Monday, June 13, 2011

Tips & Tricks June 13th

I've got a little tip for your Monday to help preserve your current garments + any vintage that you own. Most of us have fallen victim to or have seen the tell-tale yellow underarms of a vintage dress or blouse. A huge disappointment! The yellowing is caused by antiperspirants, which, if not allowed to dry properly before putting on your clothes, will leave a yellow stain. Antiperspirants contain aluminum which will stick to the fabric trapping in oil, dirt, etc, causing the discoloration. I highly, highly recommend switching to a deodorant. Deodorants are more water soluble than antiperspirants & are aluminum-free. Tom's of Maine has a few excellent options. My favorite is the wild lavender, which has a sweet & subtle scent. 
I promise, you will be thanking yourself over & over again!

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