Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Work Uniform

I get asked a lot what I wear when I'm home listing/photographing/sewing/cleaning. Cotton day dresses are a favorite (like the one in the photos above- it's plaid with a necktie & bakelite buttons!) or denim with easy blouses, usually with my hair up. When I'm steam cleaning or ironing it can get pretty warm having long hair so I like to keep it in a high ponytail, Carrie Bradshaw bun or Heidi braids. The inspiration for these braids comes from a photo of my grandmother at 16, she has her hair braided on top of her head with a pretty coif in the front!
Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. So cute - love this!! Wish my hair would do that. But I have wayyy too much!

  2. Oh you are just tooooo adorable! xo